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"We found Karen's Board and Care four years ago and since arriving at the facility, my grandmother has not been hospitalized while in their care. Her medication is properly administered and the staff works diligently to ensure she ate and properly hydrated. The family appreciates the fact that there is a high ratio of caregivers to residents and my grandmother is in a comfortable and home-like environment where she is treated with a greater degree of dignity. I have great faith in the skill of Clarita and Marty, the board administrators. As a registered nurse, Clarita possesses a wealth of knowledge in the care of the elderly. I trust them to make decisions that are in the best interest of the families and have absolute faith in their abilities to manage her care in my absence.

- Thuy Boland 
(Agnes - resident 4 years)

Thanks for everything you do for my mom. Your home has always been a nice example of what a senior facility could and should be. How would you like to adopt my mom. I'd rather she spent the time she has left among caring people like you.


Dr. Steven Stuppler

"To Everyone at KB&C
This note is long overdue, so please forgive me for taking this time to express my family’s endless thanks for all the love and kindness and care you gave to Catherine Chirba. It was gift to her and to all of us. Not once did I worry about her well-being and safety while she was with you. Not for a moment did I wonder if she would be okay. She is in God’s hands now, but she was in His Angel’s hands when she was with you. To Marty and everyone - you do God’s work, you truly do. With Love and Endless Gratitude,

- Mary Chirba 
(Cathy - resident 8 years)

"Dear Marty,

I've had this on my mind for quite some time to write to you and your wife, Clarita. I cannot thank you enough for taking on my father and letting us bring him to you. It really meant a lot to us. Thanks for all the love and support and all that you did. We know you all tried your very best to do everything for him. Thank you all for everything, especially to Jeremy. My dad really loved him. We hope that Jeremy will follow his dreams. Thanks for your support in coming to the services. Hope you're all well."

- Francine Hurst 
(Dr. Kay's daughter)

"Thank you for the lovely card and heartfelt sentiments. Thank you for taking such good care of my mom for 8 years. I know her life was extended with the good care she received at your board and care. I will never forget your kindness."

- Marylyn Martin 
(Agnes - resident 8 years)

Hi Clarita. I thought it was wonderful that Karen volunteered to have an art class today! She is so nice and has such a sweet spirit. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the class today. Please thank her for us in offering the residents a fun time together. I hope she will come back!


Catherine Weber (Resident)

"I am grateful to have found a comfortable home for my Mom when she really needed it, and was no longer able to have her growing needs met in assisted living. The kind and patient staff tended to my mom's every need. i visited almost daily so i can say with accuracy that she was being cared for in her vulnerable condition. The owners Marty and Clarita were easy to work with and very responsive. Thank you so much to all for caring for my much loved mother."

- Peggy C.

"Thank you so very much for taking great care of Dorothy for 5 years. We really appreciate all you have done for her and us. Also thanks again for 10 years of service with my Grandmother Polly (for 5 years) and Dorothy (5 years). We wish all the best to you and your family. God Bless!"

- John & Janet Billett
(Polly - resident 5 years, Dorothy - resident 5 years)

"Dear Marty & Clarita,
Thank you so much for the care and loving attention you gave Mom over the years. It is hard to realize she is finally gone! The past half dozen years were made so much easier than they might have been, knowing she was in good hands at Karen's.

I would like to give the caregivers some cash gifts as a "thank you" and am enclosing a check for that purpose.

Wishing you all the best, and may God bless you both." 

- Merdith Alcock 
(Margaret - resident 6 years)

"Dear Clarita & Marty,
Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent to our mother. She was very blessed to have you in her life. We thank you for the wonderful care you provided our mother, Elmyra. You helped keep her a happy lady until her last days. We thank you for your effort."

- Terry Vandenberg & Cindy Kelly (Elmyra - resident 6 years)

"Karen's Board and Care staff are very caring and the house is clean.  We met Marty, the owner over a year ago and he was nice to allow my mother-in-law, Madalene, to stay for the day for free so she could try it out before signing the contract.   Marty was great and Madalene decided she wanted to stay there knowing that Marty will come to see and talk to her every day except for the weekends.  Sometimes Marty will bring his dog Zero, which Madalene liked because she also had a dog at home that she missed.
Henry, the main caretaker treated Madalene like family.  Henry is very caring and keeps the communication open if he is concerned about Madalene or running low on her medicines.  Henry always had Madalene ready and dressed when we picked her up every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM to take her to church.  Marty's wife, Clarita, who is an RN, also stays on top of Madalene's medication.  She makes sure the dosages are correct per the doctor's prescription.
Unfortunately, Madalene passed away in August due to the normal aging process.  We missed coming to see Madalene at Karen's Board and Care, but we know that she is now at a better place resting in peace with God."

- Elizabeth G.

"Dear Marty, Clarita, and all the Staff at Karen's Board and Care,
Thanks for your kind words. I know Louise appreciated the fine care that you gave her. It is always difficult placing a loved one in the care of others. I'm so grateful that we found your board and care. It took the worry out of the whole thing. The care you give is the best! 
Best Wishes,"

- Bill and Alice Church

"Dear Marty and Clarita,
My mother passed away last Tuesday evening. Thank you for the 8 years of care you and your staff provided over the years. "

- Jane Ajifu 
(Amiko - resident 8 years)

"Marty, I love the facility that you and your wife have and thank you so much for all your positive support of Mom. I'm very pleased to have my Mom staying at Karen's Residential Board and Care and trust you guys so much.
Warmest Regards,"

- Fiona Dion

"You are all so kind and caring to my mom. Definitely my mom's 'Angels'."

- Pat Thompson

"I wanted you to know how happy we are that my mom is in a good place. She adores Henry, as he helps her and makes her feel comfortable.
Thank you,"

- Linda Westland (Vera - resident 5 1/2 years)

We want to thank the entire team at Karen’s Board and Care. They took real good care of our Mother.

- Chris G.

"My mother's care for dementia overwhelmed me before I found Karen's Board and Care. Once Mom moved to Karen's, my worries ended. She lived at Karen's for two years, and she always had a smile on her face when I visited. We could talk in the quiet of her room, or we could sit in the living room with the other residents listening to crooners on the stereo. The staff never complained about the odd visiting hours that my schedule demanded, and they always kept me up to date on how mom was doing. The relaxed family atmosphere was exactly what mom needed and what I enjoyed.

As mom's dementia deteriorated, the staff really showed that they cared about her, and in the most difficult days this helped more than I can say. The extra steps they took to help her in the those final months will always stay with me. They made mom's final years so full of life for both of us. Thank you Marty and Clarita for everything you did for Rosemary. I'm so happy that she spent time in your care"

- Tristan Traviolia

"Thanks for taking such good care of my mom. Let me know if you need anything from me. Please keep the wheelchair for your next tenant."

- Dan Kravitz

"During the two years that my father spent at the Lake Balboa house, I was always confident that he received the best of care, given with good hearts by the caregivers. Henry and Annie were particularly wonderful with my dad and all of the residents. I live nearby, so I popped over to visit frequently and unexpectedly, and what I saw was always great. I could tell that the caregivers truly felt connected to the residents, and they always treated them gently and with respect. They were always concerned with making sure the residents were comfortable and safe.

My dad always remarked that he felt well taken care of. I had researched several larger facilities, but the smaller home-like environment was more suited to my father's personality. It was not very different from how he lived when he could still be on his own. He could retreat to his own room when he wanted quiet; and the living room and dining area were just a couple of steps from there when he wanted to be more social and when he came out for meals.

Marty and the staff also took my father to occasional doctor's appointments that I could not get to, and then updated me. Clarita kept tabs on my father's medical situations and medications. This was all very, very helpful.

Overall, I am extremely grateful that we found Karen's Board and Care. 

- Monica Moorman

"Dear Marty and Clarita,

Thank you for the wonderful home and care for mom (6 1/2 years)."

- Kathleen Addison

"For the past few years, my mother, has been a resident of Karen's Board & Care. I wanted to take a moment to thank Marty, Clarita, and their employees (especially to Aldrin and Victor), for the wonderful care that they have been providing to my mother.

I regularly visit my mother unannounced at random times and days. During my routine visits, I have always found her to be well-cared for. Likewise, my sister who is a Registered Nurse, will visit our mother when she comes to Los Angeles two to three times a year. Like me, she is satisfied with the care that our mother has received at Karen's Board & Care.

My mother's wish was that she not be put in a convalescent home. It is for that reason that the environment of Karen's Board & Care is a perfect choice for her, especially considering that it is located only a few houses down the street from the home that she lived in for almost thirty years.

For all these reasons, my sister and I strongly agree and desire that our mother remain a resident of Karen's Board & Care."

- Greg Ozhekim

"Dear Marty,

I am writing to tell you how happy we are with the care of my Father is receiving at your facility. Since my Mother passed away (also a resident of Karen's Board & Care for 5 years), it has been my two brothers and I, and every time we come to visit my Father, I was especially amazed when I saw him riding the stationary bike!

I like that you have their activities scheduled throughout the day. I think a regular routine is very important for the elderly especially when it comes to meals, exercise and rest time. I also noticed that there are more families visiting the residents. I can feel a happy atmosphere when I enter the facility and I think that it is very important for the residents to feel relaxed at their facilities.

In any case, we are very pleased with his disposition and energy level, and he is currently 95 years old. At this rate, he may live to be 110.

Thank you again, Marty, and special thank you to your wife, Clarita for your special care of the elderly that I have personally witnessed over the years. Keep up the good work!"

Your friend,

- Charles Tade 
(Josephine - resident 5 years, Paul - resident 4 1/2 years)

"Thank you, Clarita - I was just on the phone with my brother who told me about Cathy. You have all taken such wonderful care of her and we can never thank you enough."

- Maryann C. 
(Cathy - resident 8 years)

"This testimonial is to express my appreciation for the care of my father, has received as an Alzheimer's patient under the care of Karen's Board & Care. In every visit I have seen that my dad has been properly groomed and has been provided a clean and sanitary environment. On several occassions the care providers have given my father extra benefits, such as shopping excursions (where items were purchased for him at no extra charge), and being taken out for meals. These additional experiences and stimulation are important to his well-being. The staff members also made voluntary visits to the hospital on their own time while Dad was there. This kind of devotion has been consistent during Dad's stay at this wonderful facility. Surprise visits have always revealed that this exemplary care is a way of life and not just an act for expected visits.

Karen's Board & Care has proven to be a blessing for our family in regards to the exceptional care my father has always received. We are extremely thankful to have found it."

- Tom Manassero 
(Al - resident 3 1/2 years, Sylvia - resident 3 years, King - resident 7 years)

"I am writing this testimonial to reaffirm my overall satisfaction with your board and care facility. My mother, has been staying in this facility since April 2004. The care she receives is perfect for her physical and mental condition, exceeding my highest expectation. She couldn't be in a better situation.

I visit mom often and see the kind of care she receives. The staff have been both professional and caring at the same time, making the transition smooth for mom and me. In your facility she eats and sleeps well in a friendly household setting. When I visit her, I can tell that she is content. I believe my mother would suffer in a different type of facility, such as a nursing home."

- Susan Scott

"Dear Marty and Clarita,

Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for my dad and me. You've gone above and beyond, for sure. L'Shanah Jovah. Have dinner out on me (and desserts' in the bag!)"

- Monica Moorman

"Dear Clarita and Marty,

Thank you for having our mom in your home for the past 3 years. We know she have been shown love and kindness throughout her time there.


- Jan Elliott and Barbara Britton 
(Sylvia - resident 3 years)

"Clarita and Marty,

We appreciate all you have done for Sylvia throughout the years. Thanks for everything.


- Judy Monassero

"Dear Marty and Clarita,

Thank you so much for taking good care of my mom. She is doing a lot better in your place with more socialization. I also appreciate the love and caring attention of your staff.

- Dana Hass

Clarita, thank you so very much for taking care of grandma. You are such a blessing to me. I pray for you all the time to protect you, Martin, and Brandon from the virus to keep you and your family healthy.

- Debbie Saltz (Arlene - resident 8 years)

We can't say enough about the wonderful care my parents received at Karen's Board and Care. Martin and Clarita are caring and sensitive and make sure their residents are treated well. The care givers often went "over and above" and treated my parents as their own family.

- Paul U.

Masuerte kami talaga ni Jerry sa mga mamabait na Boss po.
(We are very lucky to have a kind-hearted boss)

- Grace Jabalde

Thank you! For giving me the chance to work in your facility. You're the best employer I ever have!

- Robert B.

Thank you for the opportunity, confidence and trust you have given to me during my days of work with you. And to the good treatment and helped you have showed to me as my boss. And also to kuya Marty. Thank you very much! God bless!

- Lawrence

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